Science Project with Scripture

Ask your friends some day when you want to have a lively discussion where they think life came from.

Then take them all of them to a school yard to try the following scientific experiment. You’ll have to have a teacher with access to the gym closet, or someone with enough cash to buy ten soccer balls to do this experiment.

Your hypothesis is to determine if chance can be overcome in determining the outcome of events. And, extending that thought, can chance be harnessed to create a determinable event?

Step 1. Gather ten soccer balls.

Step 2. Place them in a straight line, each ball three feet from the previous one, in a large field.

Step 3.Try to determine the final position of each of the ten balls when you .

Step 4. Kick the first ball.

Step 5. Kick the second ball, trying to hit the first ball.

Step 6. Kick the third ball, aiming for the second ball.

Step 7. Kick the fourth ball, aiming for the third ball.

Steps 8-14. Continue in the same pattern with all the balls.

Conclusion: I trust you’ll find that it’s near impossible to predict the final position of the balls.

So what? You might ask, not out loud, probably.

But think of it, I’d say, slyly. This is a fairly simple process, which involves quite basic processes.

Remember that a person’s DNA has chromosomes from each parent. And it has the protein, magic, even, proteins. Inside your body, at its smallest meaningful levels, there exists the chain design principle organizing things via the DNA, RNA, and protein molecules.

Proteins are by far the most diverse of life’s larger molecules. Proteins form antibodies, enzymes, messengers, structural proteins, and transporters. The huge army of antibodies defends against bacteria and viruses. Enzymes speed up chemical reactions. For instance, without enzyme it would take over fifty years to digest a typical meal. Then there are the protein messengers called hormones. Structural proteins such as collagen and keratin are the body’s structural components. Transport proteins in cell membranes serve as pumps and tunnels. Sweet, huh? One scripture comes to mind. It is Psalm 139:14: In a fear inspiring way, I am wonderfully made.

To continue, creating a protein’s shape is a lot more complex a structure than a straight line of soccer balls and it is critical to its role in the cell. A protein is really a chain of amino acids. But these aren’t like the loose links in a metal or plastic chain. Amino acids join together at angles to form more complex regular patterns. Imagine a telephone cord, or folds like those of a pleated cloth that is then “folded” to form a more complex three-dimensional structure. It is a very precise activity, as the protein’s form is critical to its function. An average protein is over 300 “links” long! And we have 100,000 different kinds of proteins in our bodies. They are essential for life.

This being the case, where do you think life came from?

Chance has been cited by some. But you, after conducting the above experiment with the soccer balls, what do you say? Do you side with the millions of educated individuals who agree with the Biblical poet who long ago said about God: “For with you is the source of life.”—Psalm 36:9.