Science Fair Projects

A science fair project will be judged by a panel of scientists. When you decide to enter such a fair, make up your mind to abide by the rules, and you will have a good chance of winning. There are main two difficulties in entering any science fair. The first is to find a topic or question to answer, and the second is to find out just exactly what the rules that the judges will be using are.

The following is a good outline of what the judges will be looking for in your experiment. The judges want to know that you know how to do research. They’ll look to see that you’ll used information from at least three sources. You must spell out in very clear terms what the key scientific premises are. Additionally, you must use previously established scientific principles or mathematical formulas in a way that proves you understand them, in order to establish the concepts you are proving.

When presenting your experiment, make sure that you look good. By that I mean that everything is in place, that you are well-dressed, and have tried your best to be organized. Whenever you do experiments additionally, keep a record of the process. You’ll want to have this on hand to show the judges. Make a chart that shows the key parts of your experiment. Be sure to include the question or purpose of the experience; the variables and hypothesis; the key points of your research; data charts and graphs; the results of the research or experiment; and the conclusion. Make this as simple, but as interesting and informative as you can. Use color, graphics and large type. As long as you use time-tested methods in solving the question, you can choose almost any question you want.

The judges will be looking for creativity in the question you’ve chosen, as well as in your approach to solving the problem. Again, using time-tested methods in solving the question, allows you can to choose a mystery that really interests you.

Keeping with our balloons, let’s see if we can get a long one to soar off into space.

What law do you think this will test?

It’ll certainly question the Law of Gravity, won’t it?

What law would override the Law of Gravity, then?

How do we know there is a law that does that?

That’s right. We know there is a law that overrides the Law of Gravity because we can see that airplanes fly. Rockets soar into space. So, what laws are they using?

How would you find out?

Since Newton discovered the Law of Gravity, maybe he also discovered some other ideas about motion. Look him up on the internet or in a book.

There it is, the Third Law of Motion. Every Action Produces an Equal and Opposite Reaction.

Have you learned anything about this Law that would help you to design an experiment to prove it?

Now it’s up to you. You can go creative, and keep looking, or you can type the name of the Law into Google, to see if there is any proof of this law that you can copy.