Physical Sciences

If you were interested in learning about the properties and the forces of flowing air on solid objects, then you would be interested in leaning about aerodynamics. Aerodynamics is a specialized field in a branch of science known as physical science. Different avenues of science study the physical laws of matter, energy and the forces of nature. Physical science is the study of non-living systems. When you turn off the light in a room at night you are experiencing physical science at work. Every time you get into your car to drive to school or the supermarket, you are using an invention that was invented using physical science. Where we see technology, we see physical science.

Other branches of physical science include Astronomy; the study of heavenly bodies and their motions. Chemistry is the study of the properties and behavior of substances. Electronics is also an example of physical science. It is the study of the behavior of electrons in a vacuum, in gases, and in semiconductors. Engineering is the application of scientific principles to industry. Another branch of physical science is mechanics. It is the invention and construction of machines, their operation, and the calculation of their efficiency. Metallurgy is the working of metals by smelting and refining them and Physics is the study of the nature and behavior of matter and energy.

Through physical science we will not find out how a raindrop is formed or what the human body is made up of but, it will give us the answers to how the things around us work. How does a boat float on the water? How does the engine of a car work? Why do the lights go on when I flick the switch? By learning the answers to the simplest of questions, scientists have learned how to build on what was already there to make bigger, better and more efficient machines, boats and sources of light. The simplest tools were first invented through the understanding of physical science. The wheel is a perfect example of this. Those who invented it didn’t know that they were applying physical science in their lives but, they found that placing wheels under an object created less friction and less work.

When faced with having to come up with a science project, many junior scientists turn to physical science. There is almost a limitless amount of ideas that can be applied using this branch of science. You can do a project based on an already established idea or you can come up with something thing on your own. Have you though about taking a simple invention like the wheel and comparing it on how it is used today? What’s better is you can come up with ideas and inventions on how it might be or might not be used in the future.

Physical science is an expanding part of the scientific world. As long as people use technology and continue to invent machines and tools that will help to make our lives easier, physical science will be apart of our lives for many years to come.