Middle School Science Projects

Even if you have done science projects before, maybe in elementary school, what is acceptable as an elementary school science project may not be acceptable as a middle school science project? You have grown as a scientist and are now able to put together a science project that is worth the wonderful grade you will most definitely receive on it.

There are three main types of projects that are expected to be done by the student. A model is a display that is assembled in order to illustrate something related to science. Most people are familiar with the erupting volcano or the solar system made of foam balls. These types of science projects require the least amount of work. Although perfectly acceptable, they often time lack creativity is more commonly used for elementary school science projects.

The demonstration project is another type of project. It illustrates a known scientific principle by demonstrating it. For example, a tornado in a wind tunnel is an example of a demonstration science project. Like building a model, it does not answer a question through experimentation and it doesn't challenge the student to think critically about scientific ideas, principles or procedures.

When you are picking the topic that you would like to do for a science project, try to propose a hypothesis and test it. It is the type of project that is called the investigation. It is a proper scientific experiment that uses a scientific method to seek out unknown answers to hypothetical questions. Most of these types of experiments include a variable and a control. The control is what you compare the variable to as the experiment goes on or when it is through. This is probably the best type of project to choose but, other aspects of the project may affect the decision on whether you are going to pick that project or not.

Choose a project that can be completed in no longer then a month. Also, choose a project that is feasible. Stay away from projects that use harmful chemicals or harm animals. A science project should be something that can be done solely by the individual with little outside help, will be interesting enough for the student not to get bored halfway through it and will strike the interest of those around them.

In a middle school science project, the teachers or judges are looking for a more complete project. Aim to complete a typed presentation or report with visual aids, such as pictures or physical examples. Using a display board is highly effective, gives the project a professional look and will highlight the important details of the project. In your report you should include a statement about the exact purpose of the experiment. You’ll need to write a hypothesis of what you predict will happen and write out a step-by-step layout of how you intend to carryout the experiment. As you conduct the experiment you will need to record the data as you go along. This should also be included in your results. When the experiment is over, write down a summery of what you observed, what you learned and what answers you received.