Innovative materials used in Soccer Cleats

The Soccer cleats have evolved over the past few decades, just like technology in football has evolved. The leather is no longer used in the design of the cleats and it was replaced by the synthetic material. Some of the best soccer cleats are produced by Adidas and Nike. These cleats may look normal to our eyes. But they are more than what meets the eye. They contain some of the finest technology and innovation are known to mankind. Want to read more of soccer cleats? Visit

Mercurial Shot On Goal

Mercurial's traction system

If you want to accelerate past the defenders to score a goal with ease, you need Mercurial's traction system in your cleats. Mercurial's traction system is a foot to clear grip that enables you to slide past the defenders just like Neymar does. You can explode at any minute and run on the pitch with this piece of technology.


The cleats these days are extremely light weighted, and you can run easily and much faster than on the normal shoes. The materials and stitches are strategically placed in a way to enable your speed. The shoes are created in a way that will reduce the overall weight of your shoe while you're running.

Second Skin-Fit

If you want to control the ball on your feet, you need a fitting skin that makes your shoe and leg skin like one. Ball control is critical in football. If you look at Messi, his ball control made him one of the finest players in the soccer history. The cleats these days comes with a Dynamic Fit collar and Flywire cables to attach the cleats with our leg and make it look like a second skin.

All conditions control

The first touch is critical in football. How your feet touches the ball makes all the difference between a world class player and a mediocre player. All conditions control is the material that brings home the gold. The light weight material construct helps you with your first touch.

Anti-clog traction

Soccer played after rain or during the rain is one of the greatest experience you will ever experience as a player. Mud in football could hold you down, but not with the Anti-clog technology. This technology is available in the shoes of Nike and Adidas. These cleats keep optimum traction even on a rainy mud. The new traction technology makes sure that you keep running at your optimal speed even in the mud.


Just like the Anti-lock traction, Soleplate activates automatically when the air is moist, and it will give you maximum traction. The ultimate grip and soleplate traction give you the freedom to run from the wing on a rainy night. The automation option available on this cleat is made by one of the finest technology.

Celebrity endorsements

Just like LeBron representing Nike in Basketball, Nike was represented by Cristiano Ronaldo in soccer. Celebrity endorsements are not an innovation, but over the years, the cleats representation by these companies are highly innovative. To make them feel more personal to the fans, the companies let the sports stars design the shoes.

Superior grip

If you want to shoot the ball with full power or take a spot kick you need to have a grip while you run. The same goes for passing and holding the ball. These superior grips provided by these professional cleats certainly enhances that.